Project Manager

Bachelor of Architectural Studies, University of Illinois Chicago  

Marcin has a family of design professionals. He was exposed at a young age to the marvels of this industry. He also grew to have a passion for urban planning and metropolitan areas. He likes to explore new cites and compare the uniqueness in their public transportation, roads, parks and urban centers.
If he had to pick his favorite work of architecture, it would be the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) because it is the symbol of Chicago Architecture. Also, it’s design has withstood the test of time and still has 25,000 visitors per day over 40 years later. Whenever he has time he likes to travel. Living out of a suitcase, tasting the local cuisine and experiencing different cultures first hand is his favorite thing to do. Something you would not know about Marcin is that he was in a Polish Folklore Dance Ensemble, which performed in various states and countries.


Ext: 233