Senior Project Manager

Bachelors of Arts in Architecture Design, University of Chicago

AIA, Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International Communication Program - Competent Communicator

Toastmasters International Leadership Program - Competent Leader

During his junior year in high school, Andrew’s counselor suggested he take hand drafting. He really enjoyed and excelled in drafting, so he continued to take more architecture courses in high school.  He joined the ACE Mentor Program and got a good look into the professional side of architecture.  Andrew was always interested in how a project comes together and how that building/space was eventually enjoyed by its occupants.  He came to realize that architecture is the art of creating, not only the built forms but also the surroundings.  You feel empowered considering you are in charge of creating a space, which will depict emotions, be comfortable, and pleasant.  It’s a very creative field, where one can make plenty of models, play with form and functions, visit numerous places and learn so many things every time. His favorite piece of architecture is the Tribune Tower in Chicago.  The building is a neo-Gothic skyscraper designed by architects John Howells and Raymond Hood.  In 1922 the skyscraper had become an established design tactic, with the first important so-called "American Perpendicular Style". The building also has a great restaurant/bar called Howells & Hood with over 300 craft beers on tap which Andrew really enjoys because one of his hobbies is researching and sampling different craft beers and touring breweries.  


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